Travellers and Settlers project

A celebration of diversity in the East Riding community, past and present

About Travellers and Settlers

This project aims to celebrate the lived experiences, past and present, of the settlement and resettlement of traveller and ethnic minority communities across the East Riding.

The history and formation of East Riding has always involved travellers and settlers, people who have migrated, passed through or settled and raised families of future generations and who have helped shape our heritage and culture. This is still true today and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council wants to understand and to share these experiences and to celebrate the rich diversity within our community.

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There are several ways to be involved in the project detailed on this webpage, and if you would like to find out more please email

‘Travellers and Settlers’ is a partnership project between the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Equality and Diversity team, East Riding Museums and East Riding Archives.

Stories of Diversity

Stories are powerful, they can make us cry or laugh, feel fear or elation. They can inform and challenge our perspectives and enrich all of our lives. Stories make a difference and that is why East Riding of Yorkshire Council want to hear from people of ethnic minority identity whose stories are often hidden and not heard and yet have much to tell us about living in the East Riding.

Stories are first of all both personal and unique and can be told in a variety of creative forms in written word, poetry, music or art. The power of stories is that they can then be shared and enable others to make connections with their own personal experiences. Your story told today will help build the archive and historical record for tomorrow.

There are four different themes to help frame your contributions:

  • My life in the East Riding
  • Stories of childhood
  • Culture, values and beliefs
  • My heritage matters

Stories and creative contributions (written and audio) can be submitted.

Contribute your story online (external council website)

'Digital History-Making and Diversity' school workshops

In this free, two-hour workshop, pupils will visit our ‘Archiverse’, a growing world of stories using Minecraft: Education Edition. Each life story will become part of East Riding history, contributing to the Archives of now and the future.

With an Archivist as your guide to the ‘Archiverse’, pupils will take part in creative history-making activities:

  • They will use Minecraft’s “Book and Quill” feature to document their life story, choosing from a selection of starting questions about everyday life, heritage, and culture.
  • They will build a three-dimensional scene using Minecraft material blocks to visualise their written story.
  • Pupils will be able to explore the ‘Archiverse’ world, which features a reconstruction of the real East Riding Archives- the place where their life stories will be preserved, made accessible and enjoyed forever.
  • Pupils will compare facsimiles of historical documents with their role as record creators in the ‘Archiverse’ to see how stories of people’s lives and experiences have been recorded and preserved up to now.

Curriculum links:

  • English- digital storytelling; reading other pupil’s written creations
  • Art and Design- create a digital 3D model
  • Computing- digital literacy; digital citizenship
  • History- learn where historical records are preserved; chronological sequencing

If you are a teacher at an East Riding school and would like your pupils to be involved, please contact us for a discussion:

The Archiverse is part of STREAM - the initiative by East Riding Culture and Leisure to make science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and maths more accessible and fun for young people.